What to See in Tavernola

Tavernola is a small gem set in a jewel. It is the smallest fraction of the Municipality of Como, a natural landing place on the lake and a reference point for sportsmen.

Tavernola offers visitors its characteristic lakeside village. The houses are characterized by brick facades and a shed for small boats, used for fishing or for trips. Valuable are the locales, located near the lakefront, offering fresh fish specialties prepared according to ancient recipes. Walking through the narrow streets you can come across the artists’ quarter, once inhabited mainly by those who wanted to find a preferential view for draw the landscape and today instead occupied by art galleries and amateur painters who cheer tourists with portraits and caricatures.

Sport Spots

Ideal for lovers of trekking are the gentle hills of Cardinia, with its trails of varying difficulty. During the winter the same paths can be beaten with the help of snowshoes. Mountain bikers will be able to tackle routes of varying difficulty, while fishing enthusiasts will be able to throw their fishing line on pike, trout and perch.


The extra virgin olive oil from the Lombardy lakes is highly prized, the basis for the preparation of many typical dishes. To mention the polenta served with mountain cheese Taleggio, wild mushrooms, game specialties, lake fish and hand-made sausages. Famous desserts such as cutizza, a flatbread with sugar and eggs and the paradel, the battered fruit pancakes.


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