What to See in Mandello del Lario

Mandello del Lario owes its fame especially to the processing of silk and to the Moto Guzzi to which a museum is dedicated. The most beautiful area is certainly Mandello Bassa, with its houses overlooking the lake with a view of the harbor, with its narrow alleys and the old patisseries in activity for almost a century. The village is perfect for those who want to enjoy the scenery while relaxing at the Lido Comunale, located beyond the mouth of the river Meria, or by delighting on canoes in this that is a place recognized by national Olympic rowers.

The main church of Mandello is the one of S. Lorenzo, inside there are works of the ‘600 presumably of Giacomo Antoni Santagostino, as well as a ciborium and a polychrome wooden canopy altar.

Much older is the Church of San Giorgio dating back to year 100, although in the ‘300 has undergone a restoration: the interior preserves frescoes and paintings and the original stoup decorated with intertwined floral motifs.

Among the natural beauties of Mandello del Lario, in the fraction of Acqua Bianca, there is the Grotta Ferrera, a rocky cavity crossed by a stream and inside which there is also a waterfall. The beauty of this karst cave has also fascinated Leonardo Da Vinci who mentioned it in the Atlantic Codex.

In the other hamlet of Mandello del Lario, precisely in Maggiana, stands the medieval Torre Barbarossa that hosted within its walls Federico I Barbarossa. The interior of the tower is now home to a museum dedicated to peasant activities.

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