What to See in Como

Not sure what to see in Como? The things to see here are so many that anyone could have a natural embarrassment of choice. Fortunately there is some small guide, like this one, on the best places to visit in Como. The must-see place par excellence of Como is the eponymous Cathedral, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful monuments in northern Italy. The building includes elements of many different styles: late Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, in memory of all the influences that the Duomo suffered during the years of its construction. And if the exterior is able to astonish, so is the interior, completed in a Gothic style. Do not forget to see the 2 Romanic lions kept in the Duomo, as they date back to the time of the Church of Santa Maria (which stood in this place even before the Duomo). Another building is the early Christian church of Sant’Abbondio. This construction is the perfect example of Lombard Romanesque architecture. In the course of history it has been extensively altered and today we can only see some elements belonging to the original structure. Among the most beautiful buildings in Como stands out the mighty Church of Sant’Abbondio. The building includes a double bell tower of Norman inspiration. Inside, this church houses numerous bas-relief sculptures as well as numerous columns decorated with precious capitals. Also in the church are preserved some frescoes dating back to 1300 and made by the hand of Maestro San Abbondio.   Cover photo by Robertmilan da Wikipedia

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