What to See in Colico

Colico is a very busy town during the summer season, it presents not only interesting architecture but also naturalist glimpses of remarkable merit.

Worth noting is the Abbey of Piona (11th century), located on the peninsula that separates Lake Como from the pond of Piona, today the abbey is entrusted to Cistercian monks who produce excellent distillates from herbs. On the territory of Colico there are other churches with less architectural merit but always worthy of a visit.

Also of great interest is the Forte Montecchio Nord, built in the years immediately preceding the Great War, having almost never participated in war events, it still preserves its heavy armament, consisting of 4 cannons protected by cast iron domes.

Also very interesting is the Torre di Fontanedo, located on the hill and part of a fortified village, still in a good state of conservation; worthy of note is the view offered by this point on the plain of Colico and on the northern part of Lake Como.

The prospect on the lake offers the opportunity to practice water sports, especially sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing; mountain lovers can instead enjoy the proximity of Mount Legnone, which from 2609 meters high allows you to admire extraordinary views, among the most evocative of all the Orobie Alps.

The lakefront allows for regenerating walks, while the bay of Lake Piona allows you to spend entire days on the beach in total tranquility. From the pier there are ferries to Como and other lake resorts, ideal for those wishing to spend an alternative day in total relaxation.

Colico - Como

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