What to See in Cernobbio

Cernobbio is located on Lake Como, not far from the capital of Como. Among the prestigious villas scattered in the territory of Cernobbio, Villa D’Este, the most famous, is now home to the Grand Hotel. The first building dates back to 1589, built according to a project by the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi, at the behest of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. Other Renaissance villas to visit are Villa Pizzo, Villa Erba and Villa Bernasconi, in typical Art Nouveau style, designed by the Milanese architect Alfredo Campanini. A visit to the historic center of Cernobbio deserves a ride through the picturesque alleys of the oldest district. To visit the church dedicated to St. Vincent on Piazza Tolomeo Gallio built in the twelfth century, but remodeled in the seventeenth century, where there is a processional cross of 1500, a masterpiece of goldsmith art created by Francesco Ser Gregorio. Also to be visited in the historic center is Casa Cattaneo, an example of rationalist architecture built in the 1930s. Another characteristic place is Riva di Cernobbio, a square on the lake, where not only there are bars and benches to relax while admiring the lake landscape, but also an outdoor pool. The highest point of Cernobbio is the peak of Mount Bisbino, 1000 meters above sea level. A road leads to the top where you can enjoy a wonderful, many are the hiking trails that allow you to enjoy a path in nature such as “the mountains of Lariano” that winds for five days of walking, stopping between various shelters, until you arrive in the village of Sorico.

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