What to See in Carate Urio

Carate Urio: Pearl of Lake Como.

Carate Urio is a charming town that hosts just over a thousand inhabitants. It was
founded in 1927 thanks to the fusion of two distinct communities: that of Carate Lario and that of Urio. The first is located further downstream, more near the lake, while the second is a steep and charming slope that overlooks the water course. A typical architectural feature of Carate is the presence of characteristic narrow streets, flanked on both sides by the entrance doors of the old houses.

Located geographically at a distance of about ten kilometers from Como, the center of Carate Urio lies near the west bank of the Lario.

What to see?

  • Church of Santa Marta
    Situated in the locality of the same name is reached by a flight of steps, in turn surmounted by 14 chapels symbolizing the phases of the Via Crucis. Inside you can admire the numerous frescoes of the fifteenth century. The days of visit are limited to the only dates of July 28th and 29th.
  • Parish of the SS.Quirico and Giulitta
    The church dating back to 1490, with the ancient Romanesque bell tower
    dating back to the twelfth century, its frescoes and it’s an altar that
    further accentuate the extraordinary beauty of this place.
  • Historical figures of Carate Urio
    Carate Urio was the birthplace of one of the most influential figures in the Italian literary scene, namely Liala. Pseudonym of Amalia Liana Negretti Odescalchi, Liana owes its abbreviation to one of the fathers of Italian literature of the twentieth century, Gabriele D’annunzio.

Food & Wine

Carate Urio is also renowned thanks to the inestimable gastronomic heritage. How not to mention the excellent extra virgin olive oil or the semuda, cheese, made from skimmed cow’s milk and seasoned for three to four weeks, or the “brianzetta” bagged resulting from a careful processing of pork belly.


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