What to See in Brienno

Enchanting medieval village, Briennio is located on the western shore of Lake Como
at an altitude of 203 meters and is characterized by the many houses
that seem to rise from the waters of the lake creating a truly evocative

The parish church of the SS. Nazaro and Celso
preserves several works of art and frescos by the most famous Italian
painters, it is one of the religious monuments that characterize the
city of Brienno. Also the Church of S. Vittore also called S. Anna, preserves several elements of the Baroque period including frescoes of the seventeenth century by the famous artist Gian Paolo Recchi and various works by the famous Andrea de ‘Passeri.

Church of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, also known as the Madonna del Ronco, with its particular position on a rocky spur, offers a comprehensive view of the whole Lake Como.

The Byzantine Tower, located on the slopes of Mount Genarese overlooking the town was used in 1600 as Lazzaretto to hospitalize the sick of Brienno.

The Gallery called “Puncet tunnel” used during the First World War.

Point of view is the Palanzone which houses a very special pyramid-shaped chapel.

For nature lovers, an unmissable stop is the Botanical Garden, a wonderful path surrounded by greenery that offers breathtaking views of Lake Como. Brienno also offers a rich food and wine tradition with different dishes based on freshwater fish. A typical specialty of the Lake Como area is the carpaccio. Among the desserts stand out the matalocch, a particular sweet bread, and the Caviadini, special biscuits of sugar and soft crust pastry.

Briennio - Como

Podere Brughee dista da Briennio: 35 min.


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