What to See in Bellagio

Bellagio is a picturesque Lombard village and enjoys a very mild climate that has made it a popular holiday resort from the nineteenth century up to the present day.

The village offers several places of interest, from the villas with the large parks to the churches, the architecture of the village itself, full of characteristic alleys and perfectly preserved period houses, as well as priceless views.

Villa Serbelloni is one of the most famous villas of Bellagio, a stay chosen by many famous people of both the cinema and not, currently the villa is a Grand Hotel not accessible to tourists but you can visit the magnificent park that extends over the promontory behind the village.

It is possible to visit the park from March to October, together with the chapel and the orange greenhouse where a historical museum has been set up, the park is home to many plant species including a giant Lebanese cedar, as well as azaleas, rhododendrons and numerous plants.

Bellagio houses include some interesting religious buildings full of works of art. The Basilica of San Giacomo, built in Romanesque style between 1075 and 1125, houses the “Deposition of Christ” attributed to Perugino, as well as mosaics from the early twentieth century and the rich altar of the sixteenth century. In the Church of San Giorgio, also in Romanesque style, you can see the wooden statue of the “Madonna della Cintura“, a religious symbol of Bellagio, which is carried in procession every year in September.

Bellagio - Como

Podere Brughee dista da Bellagio:
48 min. (con traghetto)


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