Como-Brunate Funicular

funicolare Como Brunate

The Como Brunate funicular is one of the many fun opportunities that the Lake Como area offers to promote quality tourism while being respectful to the environment and close to everyone’s needs. Very convenient to take, the funicular is located in Como at Piazza Alcide de Gasperi and Brunate in Piazza Bonaccosa. It was built during the early years of the nineteenth century with the aim of removing the village of Brunate from its isolation, which at the time was only accessible by a dangerous mule track. Immediately the funicular began to promote tourism because of the very short but very picturesque journey. Views overlooking the lake and the city of Como with sweeping landscapes of mountains with woods and steep valleys can be seen from both the funicular and the belvedere near the Brunate station. In particular, the village of Brunate is famous for the views that allow you to wander the skyscrapers of Milan, the Po valley and the Apennines during the clear and totally mistless days and, to the north west, a good part of the western Alpine arc to Monte Rosa. All these views can be seen from the Voltiano Lighthouse, the monument built in 1927 in San Maurizio to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the death of Alessandro Volta. Located on the summit of Monte Tre Croci, the monument rises to a height of 29 meters and thanks to its internal spiral staircase you can reach the balconies from which you can see the beautiful views. With the funicular, the small town of Brunate has become over time the home of beautiful villas in Liberty style and eclectic belonging to the Milanese bourgeoisie and local nobility, thus decreeing its new destiny as a resort with a high tourist vocation.


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