Boat Trips on Lake Como

Lake Como is a truly a stunning place, and it makes for the ideal tourist destination. Without fail, this stunning sport has been able to satisfy every type of traveler for decades. It is the chosen place of election by the elite including the Lombard and Milanese, and Europeans as well. Today, Lake Como continues to enjoy growing success thanks to its ability to attract visitors from all over the world. Lake Como is equipped with many infrastructural facilities that enable tourists to visit its banks which are rich in history and natural beauty. Thanks to the great Lombard entrepreneurial tradition, the professional services provide adequate support and cater to the various needs of travelers who visit the lake for weekends, single days or longer stays.

A vast series of tunnels make it possible to circulate along the banks of Lake Como. Yet, often during the summer and during peak tourist season, the traffic becomes intense, partially undermining the pleasure of admiring the scenery from the car. To better enjoy the natural views and landscapes of rare beauty that Lake Como has to offer, we recommend that you turn to the numerous boat navigation services which are active along the lake banks. A really interesting feature is that the inverted ipsilon shape and the narrow fjord banks make navigation easier on the lake. Resorting to navigation services means being able to rely on efficient services. Yachting is a great tradition in the lake, reinforced by a number of public and private operators that are present in the territory. The boats are present to help you enjoy in full freedom the beauties that Lake Como can offer. Without the stress and frustration of road traffic, you can simply enjoy the pleasures of a wonderful boat trip..

Tour of the Center of the Lake

The center of the inverted ipsilon, a well-known icon of Lake Como, contains many renowned and exclusive places, surrounded by scenic mountains and lush greenery. The many lines of navigation present, even with car ferry, offer the opportunity to buy tickets to make the individual crossings or make only the classic boat trip. It is not always necessary to get off the boat and if you want to enjoy the fresh lake air and the magnificent landscapes, being transported by boat is a fantastic experience. For those who want to visit the many towns like Menaggio, Varenna, Bellagio and Tremezzo, the option of sightseeing in the center of Lake Como is certainly a winning choice. By embarking on the tour by nine o’clock in the morning, you can visit many of the coastal towns renowned for their beauty and the particularly open position. The boat speeds run quite fast and frequently, with one heading out every half hour. Thus, it allows you to easily visit the coastal resorts where you can take an hour to fully enjoy the refined and serene atmosphere of the different historical centers.

The Tour of the Basin Near the City of Como

Leaving the car in Como is not a worry, as you are guaranteed safe and equipped rest areas further ahead. Thanks to the boat service, it is possible to reach many other attractive tourist locations near the city characterized by historic villas and prestigious residences. Menaggio, Tavernola, Moltrasio and Torno are just some of the surrounding communes rich in history and architectural splendour. The tour of the basin near the city of Como is an excellent idea for art lovers and for those who appreciate strolling down narrow streets without the hassles of car driving and parking. Admiring the views of the villas and the profile of the communes surrounded by mountains is quite a treat that can be an excellent prelude to the subsequent visits to the different monuments. Many of Lake Como’s historic homes are built directly on the shores of the lake, in the backdrop of lush green and well-tended gardens, rich in rare and valuable botanical features. Small decorative monuments such as statues and chapels can be admired far better from the boat as compared to car. 


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